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The Multifaceted Medical Information Department

It pains me when I hear, “How can you help make my Medical Information (MI) department become more strategic”.

I already begin to picture disheartened pharmacists and physicians who are seen and rarely heard, performing a functional role like a vending machine. I come in to consult, assess and analyze what are they currently doing and then show them the missing pieces.

The pain leaves, when enlightenment takes place.

What does an MI Department do?

The MI Department is typically known for responding to inquiries, writing standard responses, going to lunch and leaving to go home. Even in mid-sized to large companies, the MI manager is typically a well-trained PharmD in the US, or a pharmacist or physician in ex-US markets. These highly trained, medical professionals can get disheartened when the workload is high, ideas are undervalued and communication and interaction with the departments they support are low.

Outside the US, when volume inquiry is ramping up, a multitude of other departmentally related tasks can be initiated creating a model of operational excellence.

In reality, the MI department is a vital and strategic force that can be leveraged so effectively for the success of the business. Bringing order into chaos and communicating strengths and ability cross-functionally is key.

What types of activities does the MI Department perform?

The Medical Information role is not limited to inquiry management but includes the following types of activity categories

  • content generation

  • content development

  • MLRC review and support

  • dossier leadership

  • compendia or PI review and content generation

  • insights reporting

  • monthly or quarterly inquiry analysis and reporting by Therapy Area

  • meeting support

  • TA Strategy support

  • vendor and call center management

  • TA expertise

  • custom response generation

  • spontaneous event and crisis support

  • launch support

  • fields medical team training and support

  • sales team training and support

  • globalization compliance

  • and so much more...

Email us at to set an appointment to help bring your launch activity chaos into order with Medical Information consulting and outsourcing.

We can help you build a department from scratch or get the support you need to be more strategic and value producing inside so you can focus and streamline staff to be lean, organized and high performing.

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