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Corelife Group, Inc. Commitment to Oncology & Rare Oncology Medical Affairs

Corelife Group, Inc. idealizes a world driven by our patients voice and needs. Approximately 80% of cancer patients, when polled, say they are misunderstood, unheard, have not been diagnosed fast enough or mis-diagnosed. They "wish they knew" what to look for. We work with CMOs (Chief Medical Officers) in BigPharma, Biotech and across the healthcare treater spectrum to initiate patient-centric research programs, team leadership training, medical affairs business operations buildout during startup and expansion years or revamping during times of change (merger, acquisition or divestiture) to clearly define team functions. We create soup to nuts strategy, business cases and role descriptions for every FTE to help you justify and expand your team (MSLs, medical information, medical communications, pubs strategy, advocacy and beyond). We work exclusively long term with a select client as an extension of your team (or limited to small handful of clients each year) and deliver premier service, consulting and communications solutions. Our focus and commitment is to help in the oncology and rare oncology space as well is in CNS and neuroscience aspects of oncology.


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