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Vision 2022: A Patient Centric Healthcare Landscape

Healthcare systems, Pharma, biotech and health solutions companies that operate as patient-centric organizations enjoy many bottom line benefits:

  1. Staff turnover is decreased significantly (as measured and long-term tracked by staff satisfaction surveys with the implementation of goal-based improvement of identified gaps).

  2. Patient satisfaction scores go up (Press Gainey type reviews for health systems).

  3. Keeping the patient at center give everyone a sense of purpose

  4. Patients involved with organizations become loyalists and advocates for other patients

  5. Patients involved in early stages of clinical research help create an understanding of the patient journey and serve as reminder of the bigger vision of the body of work. This is especially important in healthcare organizations, such as biopharma and medical affairs organizations to tie health professionals back to the patient. Many employees feel there are not involved directly with patient care. Although that may be true, secondary impact can be demonstrated.

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